We lived in one of Steve's apartments for several years. The apartment suited our needs perfectly, in terms of location, space, design, and amenities. Yet without good management, a home is not a home. Steve was a spectacular landlord. He is extremely professional, ensuring his tenants are well informed and their rights to privacy are respected.  We did not require many fixes, but in such instances Steve was very responsive and effective. Based on our experience, landlords and property managers in Ann Arbor are certainly not all equal.  We simply cannot recommend Steve and his properties enough! -Rowan & Cassandra

We have lived in one of Steve's houses for the past four years and it has been a great experience. Steve is a very helpful and considerate landlord-- he truly cares about his properties: he takes pride in keeping them well maintained and even has an eye towards the historic value of the homes, making efforts to keep the charm and unique character of his units intact. Steve also looks out for the overall happiness of his tenants. He responds promptly to problems, and even got us a new refrigerator in one day when ours when bust. He is understanding, fair, and approachable. When we first moved to Ann Arbor, we were trying to decide whether to move in to a complex or a private house and we are glad we chose to rent with Steve. -Andrea & Scott

Steve is an attentive, detail-oriented, and dedicated landlord. He holds the tenant's living experience as a priority -- he was open to the alterations I wanted to make to the apartment to fit my lifestyle, and he promptly fixed all emergencies (plumbing, etc) within just a day or two. Steve sincerely cares for his houses and properties, and is always improving them. After an extensive history of renting apartments in Ohio, Manhattan, San Francisco, Chicago, and Ann Arbor, I can say with confidence that Steve is the best kind of landlord a tenant could ask for. -Austin

Thank you for being a fantastic landlord. We are so glad we chose to rent from you. We have enjoyed our two years at 803 Pearl. You will always come highly recommended to friends and family members. -Joanna, Ayinde, & Aiden

My stay at the apartment will be a great memory! I enjoyed living there very much! Steve is a great landlord! He is very understanding and reliable. He's easy to contact and is willing to help in anyway that he can. Without out a doubt, I would recommend Steve as a landlord to anyone looking to rent. Not only is Steve a good person, he's a good friend as well. :) -Lauren

As it goes for the apartment, I would like to thank you for the wonderful space you set me up with. Your space allowed me to successfully finish my undergraduate studies in a comfortable, hassle-free atmosphere. It's closeness to Eastern, friendly neighbors, and rate were all very attractive in my decision to move. Steve's dedication to his properties is evident through continued top-notch maintenance and willingness to listen to any concerns of his tenants. -Ryan

Steve took excellent care of his properties and was incredibly reliable when tenants had issues. He was even kind enough to allow me to work for him when I needed some extra money. I would recommend renting from Steve if you seek a consistent, down-to-earth landlord. -Jessica, Ypsilanti

We rented from Steve for just about 2 years and I can't say we ever had any problems. Steve was always fair/understanding and very easy to communicate with. He is active in the community and takes great pride in his properties. Steve far exceeds any standards I ever had of what a landlord could be. I moved to Ypsi from out of town, (Melissa had gone to EMU) and before we had even gotten the keys, Steve took the time to give me a tour of the area, and bought me lunch at Abe's. He has invited us to BBQ's and will always take the time to tell you a funny story. I'd be hard pressed to say you could find a better landlord in the area. -Seth and Melissa

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say what a wonderful landlord you've been over the past four years. Through broken windows at St. Patrick's Day parties, locks being changed due to friendships turned bad, mice, bats, and the downstairs neighbors complaining about our praise music being too loud, you've always been kind, patient, and understanding with us. I really appreciate everything. If you're ever in Ohio, look us up. -Jenny and Andy

When we moved to the area as a student family, we experienced a number of landlords...nitpicky complexes, negligent slumlords, and we finally moved to Ann Arbor from Ypsi because new landlord raised rent in our apartment by $400.00 since it was a big place that could house a lot of students. We loved our apartment at 1604. It had all the character I wanted in a place, a wonderful location, and was reasonably priced. Steve became more than a landlord to us, but a friend who helped us find and realize our dream of owning our own historic home in Ann Arbor. -The Eninsche Family

Steve is an excellent landlord. He has been more than responsive to any of my concerns, great about communicating through email, and generally has repairs or improvements done quickly. I highly recommend renting from him. -Mel

While it is easy to say that Steve is by far the best landlord I've ever had, it doesn't do him justice. My immediate impression of Steve when we began renting with him two years ago, is that he loves his houses and he truly likes what he does. Over the last couple years, my first impression of him has only been reinforced by witnessing the time and effort he pours into making his houses look and run great. As a testament to his character, I would say that he treats his tenets with that same respect. -Jason & Laurie

We rented from Steve Wild on two separate occasions and had a very positive experience. The apartments were well maintained and clean. Steve was dependable, courteous, and efficient when we did have a maintenance request. We would definitely recommend renting from Steve Wild. -Steve and Nicole

Hey my name is Kristin and I just wanted to give you some feedback about my landlord Steve Wild. I just want to let you know that he is one of the kindest and most dedicated landlords that I have ever met. He keeps every apartment looking great, he keeps the walkways shoveled and whenever there is a problem he is always quick to fix it. I've had a wonderful experiance living in my adorable little apartment -Kristin

I have lived at ___ apt. #3 since December 1994. There were 2 previous landlords before him and he is the best landlord I have ever had. He cares about the environment, he listens to suggestions about changing carpeting to laminate or hardwood. He recycles old pieces that are thrown out to beautify the house. I appreciate him putting up flags and wreaths to help beautify the house. He is attentive to any utility or maintenance problems. I do appreciate him insulating our house to help lower heat bills. When I tried to beautify my exteriors with flowers, he was very helpful and accommodating. -Ofosuah

I have found renting from Steve Wild to be a pleasure. He takes pride in what he is doing and is responsive, fair, and friendly.


We have had a great experience renting from Steve. He is an extremely understanding landlord and very dedicated to his houses. We already loved the apartment when we first looked at it, but Steve continued to make improvements until the day we moved in. Steve is a very kind and trustworthy landlord who is always concerned about making his tenants happy with their houses. We definitely recommend renting from Steve. -Theresa and Jessica

Steve is not only a great landlord, but a great person too. We have rented from Steve for 6 years and plan on staying his tenants until we either leave the area or buy our own house. You will not find a more reliable landlord in Ypsilanti. -Sean and Melissa