Mission: What do I do?
I strive to earn a living by providing people with living space that I would feel comfortable living in myself and/or feel proud showing to friends or family./

Vision: Where am I headed?
I am striving to refine and improve upon the houses that I currently manage. I have no immediate plans to increase the number of properties that I look after; instead, I hope to continue improving the ones I have so they are more enjoyable/desirable for my tenants and more trouble-free for me.

Guiding Principles: Why am I headed where I am headed?
I hope to manage the houses that I look after for a long time to come. As a result, I try to maintain them with a long term focus in mind.

I like old houses and hold a high level of respect for the craftsmen who created them. Many of these homes contain elements that are nearly impossible to incorporate in all but the most very expensive of homes built today. Granite block foundations, ornate woodwork and hardware, huge timbers from old-growth trees are just some of the attributes that attracted me to the houses in my care. When it comes time for me to pass these homes onto someone else, I want to do so knowing that they were respectfully cared for while under my watch.